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Sheikh’s Royal Baby Revelation

Royal Brides for Desert Brothers Book 1 of 2

(Book 2 – Demanding His Desert Queen)

Desert captives for one night

Bound forever by their unexpected baby

When desert prince Ashraf was kidnapped alongside geologist Tori, their desperation to escape their life-threatening situation led to a moment of passionate oblivion. Rescued the next day, Ash was never able to discover Tori’s fate. He’s finally found her… But in their time apart, Tori has had his son! And now Ash will stop at nothing to claim them both!

Enjoy this intense hidden heir story…

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‘Ash’s character was intense and absolutely swoon-worthy. He is passionate and determined to keep Tori and their son with him, but the way he goes about it is beautiful. … This story …  is intense and had me captivated from start to finish. The exotic setting of Za’daq was described brilliantly, and the characters were fabulous. The sexual tension, emotional conflict and heartfelt romance make this a wonderful read and the perfect ending had me sighing. Highly recommended!’ ~ Zeba, Goodreads

‘Thais book so amazing and i actually finished it in one setting because it was so good!! Tori and Ash are great characters and the passion was so there through out the story from the moment they met!! I highly recommend!!’ ~ Chasity, Amazon

‘… you can see the places she writes about, smell the desert air, experience the sites and sounds of the palace and the people who live there. You are absorbed into a magical land’ ~ Jacqui L, Goodreads

‘I absolutely loved this book the characters were great! The setting was brilliant! I loved the Suspense at the first part of the book. I love how this all turn out.’ ~ Penney, Goodreads

‘I love the book!! Annie west is magic. She brings her characters to live through her writing.’ ~ Juliette, GoodReads

‘A great read, it was hard to put down.’ ~ AJReads, GoodReads

‘I have a soft spot for Sheikh stories and this one hit it so well, oh my what a hero Ash is, he made my heart melt and Tori beautiful inside and out and so caring, but also determined never to be ruled like her mother was, so when they finally realize that they are so very much in love after a few ups and downs the joy and happiness flows through the words, I loved this one a highly recommend it, thank you MS West you made me smile.’ ~ Helen, Amazon

‘Sheikh’s Royal Baby Revelation is endearing and passionate. Annie West built the anticipation and romance as lovers reunite. Ms. West developed good characters and a beautiful setting.’  ~ Kim, Harlequin Junkie

‘What do you get when a desert prince and a geologist get kidnapped together? A royal diamond. ‘ ~ Patty, GoodReads

‘A kidnapping , rescue and secret baby all bring this tale of romance and action to satisfying end. The characters, story line and locations this author crafts allow the reader to escape to another place with excellent tale. Enjoy.’ ~ Dawn, GoodReads


Ashraf strode down the corridor, knocked once and stepped into the nursery.

Wide eyes, brilliant as starlight, met his. Then he took in the rest of the scene. Tori in the rocking chair, the baby in her arms, and his throat thickened. Her blouse was undone, hanging wide open on one side. A tiny dark head nuzzled at her bare breast.

Ashraf’s gaze focused on the voluptuous curve of that breast, his son’s tiny starfish hand patting Tori’s alabaster flesh, and heat drenched him from head to toe. The heat of arousal, fierce and primal. A surge of lust erupting with dizzying intensity.

Breastfeeding wasn’t something he’d ever thought about. If he had it wouldn’t have been in terms of eroticism. Yet watching the woman he’d made pregnant feed his son, Ashraf had never felt such hungry possessiveness.

‘We won’t be long.’ Tori’s voice was husky as she twitched her blouse across to cover herself.

Ashraf nodded.

‘He’s almost finished.’ She looked down, her gaze softening instantaneously on her baby. Ashraf realised that for all the experience he’d gained in the royal court, in the rigours of army life and in the deliberate hedonism of his globe-trotting playboy years, he’d never come across anything as real and fundamental as this.

His son.

His woman.

There wasn’t even astonishment. Just calm acceptance. Ashraf hadn’t got as far as considering a future wife. He’d been too busy cementing his role in a country that had never expected or wanted the younger, scandalous son to inherit.

Besides, this wasn’t a matter of logic, but instinct.

He smiled as a glow of satisfaction spread out from his belly.

Tentatively Tori smiled back. Ashraf felt that smile in places he couldn’t even name.

He’d never seen her smile before, not properly. He wanted to see her grin, he realised. Hear her laugh. Watch her as their bodies joined and she lost herself to ecstasy. In broad daylight. Not in the murky darkness of a desperate hovel that smelled of terror and pain.

‘Ashraf?’ She frowned. Picking up on the anger that simmered in his blood at the memory of what she’d suffered? Or from embarrassment at him seeing her feed their child?

He smoothed his expression and leaned against the doorjamb, shoving his hands into his trouser pockets. Tori needed to get used to him being around.