"Oh Annie West has done it again another great read. This book has the #BestKissOf2018 in it." ~ Kristine, Goodreads

"No one writes a sheikh romance quite like Annie West! I adored this book! The main characters were very likeable and were so perfect for each other. The H was kind and generous to the h, which made him stand out for me. As for Lina, she was fabulous. Strong, determined and loyal… Fantastic book." ~ Ishara, Goodreads

"Exotic and delightful!" ~ Lynn B, Goodreads

"Nobody writes sheikh romance like Annie West. The heroine, Lina, captivated me right from the start. She is ready to sacrifice herself for the greater good—totally unaware of her worth. The hero, Sayid, is mesmerizing too. He has a kind heart locked away in his warrior body. Their chemistry is scorching hot. Definitely keeps you turning the pages." ~ Diane S, Amazon

"Excellent romance with a few twists to keep the page turning. ~ Geraldine S, Goodreads

"What a fascinating and engaging read Ms. West has delivered in this book…the romance was full of heat and passion and had me liking that Sayid shows Lina how special it could be between a man and a woman; and the ending had me liking the hero’s determination to make things right with the heroine because she’s the one for him. " ~ Bec, Harlequin Junkie

"Couldn’t put this book down. I needed to see if two smart people would succumb to their sexual desires. I was not disappointed. ~ Stephanie Z, Goodreads

"There is so much to like about this story. The chemistry between Lina and Sayid gets stronger the more they interact; the romance was wonderful and shows how good the heroine is for the hero; and the ending had me relishing that Lina wasn’t willing to settle for anything less than love and forever after. However, in saying that, I loved how the Sayid makes things right with Lina. His words are heartwarming and proved to Lina how much she’s come to mean to him.It’s a fascinating book on all levels: compelling, well written characters and a pinch of intrigue. Go grab this classic Annie West story!" ~ Lucy, Goodreads

"Have you ever wanted to transport yourself through space wanting to feel a part of the book your reading? Have you ever wanted to see the love develop between the characters in a romance book? Then I highly recommend you crack open a copy of Annie West’s latest Harlequin Presents, Inherited for the Royal Bed, because thanks to Ms. West exquisite writing style and way with words that’s what happens to the reader." ~ Diana, Goodreads

"This story ticks all of the boxes for a fabulous romance, a story that had me turning the pages and loving this story, this is one that I highly recommend" ~ Helen, Goodreads

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