"This is what a love story should be." - RT Book Reviews

WANTED: Desert princess to join harem 

Sultan Asim of Jazeer has hundreds of women at his beck and call. So why does he want the only one who threatens to reveal his family's shameful secrets?

Journalist Jacqui Fletcher jumped at the chance to write a history of the harem-not to become a sultan's plaything! But it's hard to remember her assignment when the sultan's sensuous caresses spark a fire she's never experienced before...

Asim is looking for a pliable princess for a marriage of duty. Brave, beautiful Jacqui couldn't be more wrong for him. So why does holding her feel so right?  

Desert Vows

Two powerful princes...and the only women who can tame them.

Sultan Asim of Jazeer and Sheikh Tariq of Al-Sarath are both bound by honor, duty and tradition. They've always known they must marry, but it would be for the good of their kingdoms-not  for love. Yet now two very different women threaten the vows Asim and Tariq have always sworn to uphold. As desire burns hotter than the desert sand, can these powerful sheikhs withstand the heat of temptation?


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"West's desert romance of duty versus love stars a haunted but brave heroine and an autocratic but caring hero. The exotic, sumptuous settings exemplify palace life, and the royal co-stars are memorable. The first love scene is a sensual buffet! ~ 4 1/2 stars, Romantic Times 

"The Sultan's Harem Bride is an intelligent and beautiful story for grown women and a romance for the girl who still believes in happily ever after." ~ Lucy, Goodreads 

"It was so wonderful! There are not enough adjectives to convey how great this book is!!" ~ Unnamed reviewer, Mills and Boon UK site 

"Ten out of ten" ~ R, Mills and Boon UK site 

"...a completely enjoyable read - one that I found drew me in from the beginning and impossible to put down. My advice to you is to grab a copy of the book, find a comfy spot to hide in and be prepared to be s . . . Reviews Continue

North America Edition

Released : 20 January 2015


United Kingdom Edition

To be Released : February 2015


Australia / New Zealand Edition

To be Released : February 2015


Manga Edition

To be Released : September 2018